Guardians of the Relic

The Quest Begins

Date: 3/4/1479 DR



Once Vincent joins them in Everlund, Brogan and Dahveet return to the house of Galinndan to find out about the relic. The High Priest introduces them to a Drow to whom he is giving Sanctuary. He then explains that this is the Relic of Abadon, a prophet and follower of Asmodeus and tells there are more pieces. He tries to warn them, but before he can, the house is set on fire and Galinndan is killed. The group is attacked by Ashmadai, but is able to defeat them. Before more can arrive, a hafling leads them safely back to Everlund, where they meet a “friend” of Vincent’s. Once the drama is over, the group heads back to the house over the Shrine of Moradin to plan their next move and to rest.

After a couple of weeks of waiting (though, they had feared it would be months if Vincent allowed himself to be distracted by too many skirts along the way) the Tiefling rogue finally arrives at the house of Brogan Lonehammer and Dahveet above the Shrine of Moradin, in the city of Everlund. They gave the young man enough time to rest a little and to eat, and then set off for the house of Galinndan, with whom they had left the cursed relic.

Brogan had feared that the aged High Priest elf might not answer the door, as he had done for the last two weeks, but he seemed to have been waiting for them and quickly ushered them inside. Immediately they realized that they weren’t alone. A Drow was sitting in a dark corner watching them. Galinndan introduces him as Kuroikaze, an amnesiac dark elf to whom he had given Sanctuary (Brogan wondered if more blunt trauma to the head could return his memories, which earned him a dark look from their host). Having learned some of the Drow language from the years that he had spent travelling with Drizz’t, Brogan thought his name roughly translated to a “wind in the dark”… or a “fart in the dark” he wasn’t sure. The Drow grimaced at this, but the priest of Corellon avoided contention by explaining that the relic that they had brought him was part of the Relic of Abbadon. Abbadon was a prophet, but also a follower of Asmodeus. This relic holds great power, that in the wrong hands could cause worldwide destruction. He charges them with protecting the relic and possibly even finding the other parts of it as well, to keep them out of the hands of Ashmadai Cultists. He verified that whoever holds the relics will be weakened as the evil relics draws out their health and strength.

The Relic of Abadon

He was then about to warn them of something more, when suddenly Kuroikaze asked if anyone else smelled smoke? The group looked around and realized that the small house had been set on fire from all sides. Galinndan rushed towards the front door, the only way out, but as he did, he sucked in his breath and a spear appeared out of his back. The group took up defensive positions as they burst out of the house, carrying the priest’s body to save it from the flames.

In the eerie light of the burning house, they could make out figures in horned masks and robes all around them in forest. A mage from across the clearing finished a spell he’d been casting and the group scattered to keep from being hurt by the burst attack. The non-mages seemed to conjure flaming whips and used them to attack as well. A fight rages all over the clearing, with the group falling into patterns of protecting each other, ganging up on enemies, and the cleric keeping everyone healthy. Even though they didn’t know him, Kuroikaze knew how to fight and to take advantage of those around him. Many of the ranged fighters heedlessly rushed into battle, so Brogan was hard-pressed to heal them.

As the last of the cultists died, they all jumped as a strange scream ripped through the night. They turned towards the sound to find a strange devil of a creature sucking the literal soul out of Galinndan. The cleric screams in anger and chucks Aegis Fang at it. It hits the devil square in the head, killing it right out. As the dwarf runs to his fallen companion’s side, he’s searching for any way to resurrect him, but his soul is literally gone. Mourning the fallen elf, the group searches the bodies of the fallen and besides the strange robes and masks (which Vincent pockets for possible future use) they also find a matching tattoo on each of them.

Symbol of the Ashmadai

From his time in Neverwinter, Brogan immediately recognizes the symbol of the Ashmadai, cultists who worship the god Asmodeus. There is no longer any doubt to the veracity of Galinndan’s warning as to who will be searching for the relic.

Suddenly, there is a sound from the edge of the forest, barely a whisper, but the group is already on edge. As they listen, they realize that a quiet voice is beckoning them to follow it. Dahveet mentions that he’d rather squish something that they don’t know, than follow it. The voice tells them that he was a friend of Galinndan’s until the Relic Devil ate his soul. If they don’t want to fight more cultists they would do well to follow him to safety. To underline this point, they hear more movement off in the trees from all around and realize that their position is brightly lit by the still burning house. Wary, they follow the voice, only to realize that it belongs to a halfling who moves quieter than both Vincent and Kuroikaze. For a few hours he weaves a circuitous route through the forest, avoiding pockets of Ashmadai and getting the group safely outside the gates of Everlund. Before going any further, Vincent demands to know how we can trust him. He tells them that his name is Sam, that he is from the Church of Corellon, and along with Brand the Bard, they are friends of Galinndan. He had warned them about the relic and told them about Brogan and Dahveet by name. He then shows them the signet ring of Corellon that Galinndan always wore on his person, so Brogan begins to start believing him. They tell him that once they’re in the safety of their quarters, they want more detailed answers.

Luckily, Brogan knows some of the gate guards, so they let the group slip into town after hours. As they’re making their way down the dark streets, a female Tiefling spots them and storms up to them, directly towards Vincent. He hails the female as Temptra, but she hails him by kicking him in the head, knocking him to the ground, and then places her stilleto heal against his temple in a threatening way. The group readies to attack, but Vincent signals them to stand down. He explains that he and Temptra go way back, and asks her why she has dared the curse to visit him? She tells him that she is here to warn him about Lord Leoorin Songsteel, whose daughter he deflowered. She asks him if he knew that Lord Songsteel was a mob leader who now has a bounty on his head, on all their heads? She tells him that Lord Songsteel wants to skin him, resurrect him, skin him again, and then wear his red skin as a coat. Vincent jokes that it almost sounds like Temptra is worried about his well-being. She mocks that she doesn’t want anything to do with used goods and then kicks him harshly in the head, knocking him unconscious. Brogan finds that he finally approves of one woman in Vincent’s life! Dahveet has to carry his inert body back to Brogan and his house, there Kaze uses smelling salts to wake him.

Now that they are safe, they want more details from Sam. He explains that he is a follower of Avandra, but close friends with Galinndan and Brand and helps out the Corellonites as a scout and spy. He explains that there are five pieces to the Relic of Abadon, which must be kept out of the hands of the Ashmadai, who have just recently learned of it. The Relic Devil that we saw, hunts those holding the relics and tries to suck their souls out. At this point, Vincent freaks out and tosses the relic onto the table, not wanting his soul to be sucked away. That is all that Sam knows, but he thinks that Brand might know more and that he can take us to meet him on the morrow. Before sleeping, Kaze and Vincent set up traps around the house, while Brogan sets up spiritual wards against evil to keep them safe throughout the night. The old dwarf wonders what their group has gotten themselves into. He sends another message to Katia and Lucan, knowing that their help will be needed!



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