Guardians of the Relic

To Find a Brand

Date: 3/5/1479 DR


Baldric of Valor Kuroikaze Outside Corellan 2nd Temple Dropped by fleeing priests

The next morning, Sam takes the group to meet with Brand. Vincent follows a skirt, but Katia and Lucan join up.

The next morning as Brogan is waking up and fixing breakfast for his guests, Vincent joins him in the kitchen to announce that he has something really important to do this morning, but that he’ll catch up with the group later. The dwarf mutters under his breath that the boy probably has some"one" better to do as the young man rushes off with a thick slice of ham clamped in his teeth.

As Dahveet joins the surly dwarf in the kitchen, he announces that their halfling friend isn’t anywhere to be found. Just as Brogan starts to cuss, Sam steps through his door announcing that he’s set up a meeting between the group and his contact Brand. Before the cleric can strangle the hyper halfling, he grabs some toast and some ham and scampers away.

Once breakfast is over, the group grabs their gear so they can be ready for anything and leave to follow Sam to the meeting. As they’re leaving, Katia and Lucan the Cloud wander up looking travel-weary. Brogan says that it took them long enough, but they’re all very glad to know that these two have joined them on this adventure.

Sam led them through Everlund to a secondary office of the church of Corellon. This struck the cleric as odd, because there was already a temple to the Fey-God, why the need for a secondary location? The halfling just treated it like that’s the way things were and led on.

When they arrived in front of the temple, there two different groups of priests in a shouting match. Since Lucan is the most diplomatic, he steps forward to try and disseminate what is going on. The attackers claim that the defenders are devil-worshipers and that they took something from them. The defenders claim that there it’s all lies. The group sets about trying to discover the truth, but as far as can be told, both sides truly believe they’re telling the truth, there is no sense of lying at all. Another inconsistency which catches Brogan’s notice. Suddenly, a dark infernal presence rises out of a priest on the attacking side, and a symbol of Asmodeus appears on his shield (just a little too convenient for Brogan’s liking). The defenders run into the temple in fear, and the attackers turn on the group. Kuroikaze keeps hoping for somewhere to hide in the open and bright street, but as he is, a large spider crawls out of his backpack singing Master Kuro’s praises (with the voice of Jakken). The drow shuts up his pet spider, Youkai, and sidesteps as a priest attacks. Brogan hollars at the group that he doesn’t want the priests killed since he wants to question them, and barely misses getting poked by a spear. Dahveet runs into the middle of battle, and Brogan subconsciously calls on priestly powers to protect him (and everyone else in the party) while harming those priests that surround him. Katia sets off a lightning storm, while the Dark Fart throws up a cloud of darkness for cover.

After a sound beating, the priests shake their heads as if waking up and take off running, saying that they won’t forget any of this. As one of is running away, he loses his belt and his pants in the process. Kuro, who is giving chase, picks up the belt and can tell right away from the fine craftsmanship that it’s a magical item. Shaking his head, he returns to the others. About that time, Sam carefully sticks his head out of the doors of the temple, looking to see if the coast was clear. Brogan berated him for running away when the going got rough! The halfling gave some excuse of making sure whether Brand was there or not… Angrily, we all followed him further into the makeshift temple. In a back office, we find a small and wiry Tiefling with a jaunty hat sitting at a desk. He is introduced to us as Brand. Next to him stands a tall, brusque man with a glowering look, who is Aaron. Brand tells us that he belongs to a branch of the Corellonites which research magic and magical artifacts. They know of the Relic of Abbadon and have been researching it assiduously since the Ashmadei seem to recently have a great interest in it. Anything that they can do to keep it out of the hands of those psychotic cultists, they will. As a bard, Brand has been travelling around researching rumors about the items, but hasn’t been able to locate them yet. His research has led him to find the general location of two of the items. The first can be found in the region of Rashemen, in the Ruins of Raumathari. The other piece is in the possession of a Revenant warlock named Riven. He was last seen in the Feywild, but beyond that vague notion, his location is unknown. Brand goes on to explain how important it is that we find these pieces…

As he does, a priest runs in and states that the city is being attacked by Sky Pirates. Everyone in the room runs out to find out what’s going on.



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