• Aaron


    This Invoker works in the Temple of Corellon, in Everlund and is a close friend and bodyguard of Brand.
  • Asmodeus


    The evil god of tyranny and domination
  • Brand


    A bard and an acolyte of Corellon, this Tiefling has long sought the pieces of the fabled Asmodean relic to keep them from prying hands.
  • Brogan Lonehammer

    Brogan Lonehammer

    Dwaven Cleric of Moradin
  • Corellon


    The god of spring, beauty, and the arts, patron of arcane magic and the fey.
  • Dahveet


    Dahveet the Goliath Battlemind
  • Katia


    Super mega-foxy awesome-hot.
  • Kuroikaze


    A drow assassin who has lost his memory to some unknown dark past
  • Leoorin Songsteel

    Leoorin Songsteel

    The enraged father of voluptuous young noble girl whom Vincent has had the opportunity to spend several nights with. He seeks to destroy Vincent.
  • Lucan the Cloud

    Lucan the Cloud

    A half-elf bard who was raised by Brogan.
  • Moradin


    The Soul Forger, God of Dwarves, Creation, and Artisans
  • Sam the Fader

    Sam the Fader

    A friendly halfling assassin to the heroes he "fades" in and out of their lives bringing information
  • Temptra


    The child-hood friend of Vincent, this Tiefling keeps Vincent in line and gives information about Leoorin
  • Vincent Wench-Winner

    Vincent Wench-Winner

    The womanizing tiefling rogue who looks out for himself.