Rashemen is a rugged land of hardy and fiercely independent people. Rolling hills and sparse pine forests cover the southern areas, giving way to barren plain in the north and cold, deep lakes to the east. The far north contains only snowcapped mountains.

Rashemen Lore

A character knows the following information with a successful skill check.

History DC 20: Throughout its existence as a nation, Rashemen has prevailed in the face of invaders. Old enemies include ancient Narfell and Raumathar, lost Mulhorand, the Tuigan of the Hordelands, and Thay.

When Thay became embroiled in civil war, the Wychlaran, Rashemen’s witches, seized the pportunity to deal with a growing internal threat—the durthans. This dark group of women and hags, with powers similar to those of the Wychlaran, focused on corrupted spirits and wicked fey. Most durthans felt that the only way to protect Rashemen was to be as ruthless as its enemies. They built a secret sanctuary called Citadel Tralkarn within the Erech Forest. In what is now known as the Witch War of Rashemen, the Wychlaran and their commander, the Iron Lord, fought against the durthans and their allies. In the end, the Wychlaran prevailed and the durthans were no more.

Nature DC 20: Magic has sculpted Rashemen’s geography just as surely as the weather. It is a place of ancient sorceries, powerful spirits, and strong fey. Spirits and fey keep watch over the forests, mountains, and waterways. Local folk respect these sentinels, taking care not to offend them, for punishment comes to those who displease. With the return of the Feywild, Rashemen has gained an even greater number of fey to protect it, whether the Rashemi like it or not.

Streetwise DC 20: Rashemi are fiercely tied to ancient ways practiced for over a thousand years. Warriors call up a feral rage against foes. Wychlaran hathrans (learned sisters) cast spells of wild power.

The Wychlaran wield magic tied to the land, and they train those with power to serve Rashemen. Male spellcasters, called Old Ones since many live to a staggering age, are few. They excel in itemcraft and rituals.

Although Iron Lord Mangan Uruk ostensibly rules Rashemen, true power lies with the witches. It is they who choose the Iron Lord. They protect and teach this potent commander, and they can remove him from the throne at will.

Settlements and Features

The southern half of Rashemen is more hospitable and has more varied features than the north.

h3. Ancient Spirit Forest

Eastern Lake Ashane cradles the Ashenwood, an untamed woodland inhabited by wild creatures. This evergreen forest is also home to the largest concentration of spirits and fey in Rashemen. Great wisdom or terrible vengeance can come from these creatures, depending on an interloper’s actions. Tradition holds the Ashenwood sacred, so it remains unsettled.

Ettercaps, werewolves, and trolls also inhabit the forest. Some of these creatures are legendary among the Rashemi for their age, cunning, and size. Most prominent is Dar-Guran, a fell troll who can take off a human’s head in one bite.

Benevolent creatures also inhabit Ashenwood. Intelligent animals speak to the spirits and watch over the lost. A mighty treant named Stormwind walks the forest among lesser fey plant creatures. He is the Wychlaran’s ally, and he speaks to the witches when they seek his aid.
Capital City; Population 25,000
The Iron Lord’s citadel, built upon an ancient Nar
fortification, stands at the center of Immilmar on the
shore of Lake Ashane. Ambassadors and merchants
come here to deal with the Rashemi.


Guardians of the Relic caneton